Carissa grew up with an active lifestyle. Her childhood and teen years included competitive gymnastics, hula, Muay Thai, air riflery, soccer, judo, and track & field. However, Carissa's group fitness journey began in 2010 when she attended her first Zumba class. She was shy and always claimed a spot in the back row. In 2012, she was encouraged by many to flip the script and became a certified Zumba instructor. Over the years, this first step had cascaded into a series of additional certifications for other group fitness formats, including Turbo Kick, Insanity, Core De Force, PiYo, SH1FT, L1FT, M1ND, and STRONG Nation (formerly known as STRONG By Zumba).

Connecting with people through group fitness has developed from Carissa's hobby into her passion. In early 2020, she left her position as a Loan Analyst at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue her dream of opening her own fitness studio. A few months later, she made it happen. Carissa's Fitness Studio opened in July 2020.

Whenever you attend a class with Carissa, you'll definitely be sweating with a smile.



Ayche believes yoga is a glue that holds all aspects of life relevant: spiritual, physical, personal, and even business. It provides a fabric that governs our character, polishing it with integrity and beauty.



"Aloha! My name is Germaine. I've been actively participating in Cardio Fitness since the 1980's. In 2006 I had my first class of Zumba class and instantly loved it. So in 2013 I became a certified Zumba Instructor and in 2019 got certified to teach Strong  By Zumba (renamed Strong Nation).


I teach a Beginner level Strong30 class at Carissa's Fitness Studio. If you enjoy toning using your body at a low impact tempo pace for 30 minutes, come join us and don't for get to bring a mat, towel and water."




Juliana is a mix of Brazil and Colombia, Brazilian father and Colombian mother. Juliana was
born in Brazil, grew up in Colombia and moved to Costa Rica when she was 17 years old. Some people call that an "explosive mix" because both countries (Brazil and Colombia) are the richest cultural countries of South America and are characterized for the passion and happiness of their people. Juliana is not an exception! She’s very passionate about everything she does, always with a smile in her face. She believes that a smile is the best gift you can give to anyone. She says, "We might save a life with just an authentic smile!"


Juliana has been dancing since she was 5 years old. Since her carrier took her to explore most of the different rhythms of South America, she considers herself as a FOLKLORIST of South America. Her high positive energy gets people wherever she goes. In her classes, all she wants is that you reach your personal goal, whatever it is. Even more than that, she wants you to have so much fun that when you leave her class, you will go with a big smile on your face that lasts you for the whole day!



"Aloha, I’m Lei!  


I'm a dancer at heart...dancing is definitely in my blood!  A hula dancer since a very young age, with a little Tahitian here and there, and other than that whenever I hear music I just need to dance! So once I started doing Zumba as a student I was swept away!  It did so much for me physically, mentally, & emotionally. I became an instructor in 2015 which allows me to share the awesomeness of Zumba with everyone! It not only keeps us physically active, but helps us let go of all that may be going on around us! Even if it’s just for that hour, it helps us reset!


I lead 1 hour of Basic Zumba. All are welcome, no experience needed. In Zumba, there are no mistakes, I call that "freestyle," we just keep moving! You choose your own pace, but you can definitely get that intense Zumba sweat from my class! So come join me, let's dance it off!


Remember:  We can do everything through Christ, who gives us strength.


Philippians 4:13"




"I grew up in a very active family, learned how to snow ski at age 3, played basketball in middle school, started running at age 35 (yes, I still run short distance races), and became a STRONG Nation instructor in 2019. Wellness is my passion as I work as a healthcare provider, and focusing on building a STRONG body and STRONG mind. Come join me and let's sweat together!"




Sara Krosch is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Health Coach. She teaches PiYo, P90X, Transform Step, Barre Above, SH1FT/L1FT, and Foam Rolling.



"Hi! I'm Vanessa. I have always enjoyed exercising and dancing, so when a friend asked me to join her at a new dance fitness class called Zumba, I was in 100%. After my 1st class, I was hooked!! Laughing and dancing for exercise is FUN!! Before I knew it, I was attending 5 - 7 Zumba classes per week. So, in 2015, I decided to get licensed to teach Zumba and I obtained my Zumba toning license in 2017. I have been teaching ever since.


So if you want to have fun, come join my class! And remember, there are no wrong moves in Zumba, only unexpected solos!!!"




"Aloha! I’m Yuko Jackson. I have been a certified STRONG Nation instructor since April 2019. I have been co-teaching with a fellow instructor since then. For almost 5 years prior to obtaining my certification, I had been attending various fitness classes, including Zumba, Zumba Toning and STRONG Nation.


I have never exercised in my life until I found Zumba. I fell in love. I would have never dreamed of becoming an instructor.


Zumba Fitness has opened a door to a journey of a fitness life, and now as a STRONG Nation instructor, I would love to spread and share how incredible it is and get stronger with music (and lots of sweats) especially with amazing fitness friends. 


Together we can be stronger! 


I am looking forward to see you all on the floor at Carissa’s Fitness Studio!"


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