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Carissa grew up with an active lifestyle. Her childhood and teen years included competitive gymnastics, hula, Muay Thai, air riflery, soccer, judo, and track & field. However, Carissa's group fitness journey began in 2010 when she attended her first Zumba® class. She was shy and always claimed a spot in the back row. In 2012, she was encouraged by many to flip the script and became a licensed Zumba® instructor. Over the years, this first step has cascaded into a series of additional certifications for other group fitness formats, including Turbo Kick, Insanity, Core De Force, PiYo, SH1FT, L1FT, M1ND, R1ZE, STRONG Nation™ (formerly known as STRONG By Zumba®), and GROOV3. Her newest certification is for CIRCL Mobility™. Carissa is also a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor.

Connecting with people through group fitness has developed from Carissa's hobby into her passion. In early 2020, she left her position as a Loan Analyst at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to pursue her dream of opening her own fitness studio. A few months later, she made it happen. Carissa's Fitness Studio opened in July 2020.

Whenever you attend a class with Carissa, you'll definitely be sweating with a smile.



Darice has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry starting as a sales representative for fitness equipment. Her passion for health and exercise led her to become a fitness instructor. She was extensively trained by the Lotte Berk Method NYC (originators of barre) which sparked a flame that is still alive today. Darice continues to share her passion in hopes to inspire a healthy vibrant lifestyle for others.

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